Greek Shrimp


Heat the oil in a 10-12" skillet over medium heat.

Add the garlic, and cook, stirring occasionally, until it colors.

Add the tomatoes, wine, one half of the parsley, the oregano, salt and pepper.

Cook, stirring, until the sauce is the thickness of a light puree.

Add the shrimp and continue to cook until they turn pink, about 5 minutes.

Add the feta and stir very gently, trying to keep the delicate cheese from crumbling and falling apart.

Garnish with the remaining parsely and serve.

Submitted By: Caitlynn

Additional Comments:

Kait - looks delish:) yumyumyumyum

Maggie - This was delicious. I added some chicken sausage and a few kalamata olives and served it over brown rice. Yum.

Hanadi Eljurdi - I am gonna try tonight, am lebanese and I love greek food, Its very close from lebanese food, so I will tell you how it came out.

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