BBQ Shrimp - Nick's Style


Place cleaned shrimp in a 2 qt. dish. Sprinkle with Old Bay and pepper, toss to combine. Sprinkle with flour, tossing and adding more flour as necessary, until shrimp is well covered.

Heat canola oil and butter in a large non-stick skillet over medium high heat until butter melts and is bubbly. Add garlic and saute until garlic is fragrant.

Add shrimp and saute on all sides, about 5 minutes, until they are pink and tails curl in slightly.

Reduce heat, add BBQ sauce, and stir to combine. Serve immediately with garlic bread and grits - of course!!

Servings: 3-4
Time to Prepare: 15 min prep (incl. shells), 8 min cook time
Nutritional Information: significantly lighted up? :-) 4 Weight Watchers points

Submitted By: Nicole
Original Source: ME

This is a fast take on traditional BBQ shrimp but much lighter. The original is baked, with a full cup of butter, and the shells are left intact. I am a huge fan of BBQ shrimp and I think this is delish!

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