Glazed Ham with Pineapple


Have butcher cut ham into 1/3 inch slices/ reassemble in its original form by tying slices together with cord. Place ham on rack in roasting pan; bake uncovered for 1 1/2 hours.

Remove ham from oven. Increase oven heat to 400 degrees. Cut string around ham, insert drained pineapple slices between ham slices, and re-tie with string if necessary. Brush generously with ham glaze. Return to oven; bake 15 minutes longer basting 2 or 3 times. If desired add a little pineapple juice to glaze. Serve extra glaze with ham.

Combine 1 cup maple flavored syrup, 3/4 cup packed brown sugar and 2 tablespoons prepared mustard in small saucepan; heat until blended.

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