To cook pumpkin, I just cut the whole thing in 1/2 and lay it face down on a jelly roll pan. I don't remove the seeds because they give a bit of nutty flavor to the pumpkin flesh, plus you can soak/roast them later for snacking numminess.

Bake pumpkin in oven at 350 for an hour or so, the whole thing will cave in a bit and feel soft. Simply scoop out the seeds, pull off skin and puree in food processor. You might have to add some water.

Submitted By: Dellaina
Original Source: Kate

If your recipe calls for 2 cups of pumpkin pie filling, measure 2 cups of your pumpkin puree. Add the needed spices and you're good to go. Thank you Kate!

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Dee - Pumpkin seeds....rinse and soak in salty water, drain, put them on a foiled lined pan, bake low-200 degrees for about an hour. These turn out really good, better than in a store.

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