Oil Pie Crust


Measure flour and salt into bowl and mix. Add oil and milk and mix with a fork. Finish mixing with hands. Place ball between wax paper and roll out. Place in pie plate and form edges as desired (you can use thumbprints or a fork for something easy). Crust is very delicate. If it breaks, just form in into pie plate the way you want it.

To cook without filling (blind bake) place a piece of waxed paper into shell and weight with rice or beans. The paper will smoke a little but not burn. Cook at 425 for about 20 mins or to desired brown. If you let this dough set the oil will come to the top so be sure to cook as soon as possible. If cooking with filling, follow the filling recipe for cooking time.

Submitted By: Ashlee
Original Source: Brenda Becker!

This is a very easy way to make a homemade pie crust. It really is no fail even if it sounds a little complicated.

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