Italian Chicken and Potatoes


Place chicken in bottom of crock put. Sprinkle with half Italian dressing, spices, and the grated cheese. Place potatoes over chicken. Sprinkle with remaining ingredients.

Cover, cook on low 6-8 hours

Servings: 4 -- although I have made with between 3-5 chicken breasts
Time to Prepare: 15 mins prep at the most...Very quick and easy!

Submitted By: Ashlee
Original Source: Laura -- not sure where she got it from

Laura had good advice not to make more then you plan to eat. It doesn't reheat well. If you like cold chicken the leftovers are delish... We love this stuff and its very easy!

Additional Comments:
Jen - Yum! It was so good! I didn't really measure anything. I knew we'd be having six people for dinner, but I didn't have six chicken breasts, so I filled in with chicken tenders. I ended up using more dressing than I probably needed, but only a little. After 5 hours on high, it seemed to me the potatoes weren't cooked yet, and I was out of time (turned out there were SEVEN people at supper), so I poured it into a 9x13, cut the whole breasts into thirds longways, sprinkled a little extra parmesan on it all, and put it into a 350 degree oven for 15 mintes. It was perfect, and had the bonus of being a bit crispy. Excellent stuff! Thanks!

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