Caribbean Chicken


Marinate meat in Caribbean marinade, 1 hour. Lift chicken from marinade and reserve marinade.

Cook chicken in hot oil in large skillet over medium-high heat, 5 minutes. Add jerk seasoning, tomatoes and any remaining marinade; cook 5 minutes. Stir in corn, black beans and pineapple; cook 5 minutes or until thickened.

Coat 2-1/2 quart baking dish with cooking spray. Arrange 1/4 tortillas on the bottom; top with 1/4 each chicken mixture and cheese. Repeat 3 times ending with cheese.

Cover and bake in 375*F oven, 20 minutes or until hot and cheese is melted.

Servings: 4-6
Time to Prepare: 15 minutes

Submitted By: Holly
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Really lite tasting and full of flavor. It's so easy-peasy that it could be easily whipped up after work or a long day away from home.

Additional Comments:
Betsy - Unfortunately my grocery store didn't have many of the products required for this dish- you may want to check first before you decide to make it. :-( I was looking forward to it too.

Kristin - I thought this was tasty. Skipped the jerk seasoning. Wonder if it would be easier to serve if made in a 9x13?

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