TDF Roast


Place roast in crock pot, combine dry mixes, and sprinkle over roast.

Do not add liquid!

Cook on low all day or high for 4-6 hours.

Vegetables can be added to cook along with the meat.

Adjust size of roast and/or vegetables to your family's preference!

Time to Prepare: less than 5 minutes plus cooking time

Submitted By: Cheryl
Original Source: BBC Recipe Swap Board

So good! So easy! (TDF = "To Die For")

Additional Comments:
Laura (L2A) - I do believe that this may very well be THE most famous WFD recipe. IMO, this is the one that started it all!! I add 1-2 cups water when I make it because we like lots of gravy. Just a thought!

LauraM - Yum- This is in our standard Fall and winter rotation for meals. I toss in some shrooms and lots of carrots,..the gravy is TDF!

Lisa - In the crockpot with some carrots. can't wait for dinner! smells soo yummy and was very easy to make! already tasted it. it's deff TDF!!!

Sara - I've tried this without liquid and no one has liked it, but when I added liquid, it was a big crowd pleaser. I love it!

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